What a cold night

Dear night..

Please let me sleep tightly tonight. So I can forget everything sad. I wish I could stop the time,so I wont meet this cold night everyday. This emptiness always showed up every night and always making me waiting.


Waiting for a call from someone u will never ever be with. because his destiny already chosen to be with someone from his descendant. Sad…

That knowing this call will never exist again. But why, still, every night I am hoping that he will call me and say something sweet… why…

Why do I still hope this thing happen..

More I hope,more I hurt..

So night, please,help me to let this go..please be nice…

And moon, please shine on me..

Please accompany me every night..while i’m waiting a call from someone that will never ever call me because I’m deeply fall in love with someone I can’t be with. And its hurt.


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